The town of Trenčín

The town of Trenčín ( 60.000 inhabitants, 204 - 262 m above sea level, 86 km2 ) is situated in the middle of Vah river in the west part of Slovakia.

Throughout its entire existence it has been an important cultural, historical, administrative and economic centre of Middle Povazie. Along with Nitra and Bratislava it ranks among the oldest towns of Slovakia. Trenčín town is a seat of Trenčín region and Trenčín district.

centre of the town It has a widely branched commercial network, it is important transport line and in its vicinity are the border crossings to Czech Republic.

Trenčín houses several secondary schools but it is also the seat of Trenčín University and the branche of the Amecican City University Bellevue.

  Professional cultural institutions Trenčín Museum, Bazovsky Gallery, Region Culture Centre and Town hall of the city Trenčín organize interesting historical and art exibitions, concerts, festivals and the other culture events. Traditions of the region are maintained by the local folklore ensembles (Družba, Trenčan, Radosť and Kornička ) and the village folk groups from Trenčín surrounding ( Kubran, Selčan, Dolinečka, Večernica, etc ).

Trenčín castle A great number of historical monuments makes the town of Trenčín highly attractive for the tourists :Lower ( Turkish ) Gate

Roman inscription hewn to the castle rock (from the year 179 A.D.) Maximianus expresses his thanks for the victory of emperors and the troops of the Second Auxiliary Legion, numbering  855 soldiers. 

Trenčín castle ( from the 10 th - 11th cent.) - National Cultural Relic, one of the mightiest medieval complexes in Slovakia. 

Roman Catholic Parish Church ( from the year 1324 ) - with its gothic, renaissance and baroque arts

Lower (Turkish) City Gate ( from the beginning of the 15th cent.). It is a six-stories tower object with a pointed Gothic arch.Piarist (Jesuite) Church in the Peace square

A roofed Parish stairs (from the year 1568) leads from the square toward the Parish church and facilitated fast transport of the city´s defenders to the walls by the church.

House of the city executioner and not far away gothic Carner St. Michael (from the 2nd part of the 15th cent.)

Baroque convent (from the year 1662) with sundial 

Baroque Plague Column - St. Trinity Column (from the year 1712) - built by the Duke Ileshazy to commemorate of pest plague (1710)

Piarist (originally Jesuite) Church with Monastical Complex (1653 - 1657) in the early Baroque style.

Baroque County House - now Trenčín Museum (from the year 1770)Tatra Hotel

Baroque Chapel of St. Anna (from the year 1789) - in classicistic style

Evangelic Church (from the year 1794)

Complex of the burgher´s houses ( from the 19th - 20th cent. )

Hotel Tatra ( from the year 1901) - built in secessionist style by Baron Armin Popper

Jewish Synagogue ( from the year 1913 ) - neo Romantic building built near the old Synagoge.

More information you can find at official website of the city Trenčín.

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